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Christmas is over and we will soon be starting a new year.  New donations keep coming in and we appreciate them.  We started this project in January.  Our group wanted to get our project known to the people of a Pontiac and surrounding communities.  the PetSafe contest then began and lasted 3 months.  We missed winning $25,000 by a hair.  We tried planning a money maker for Oct/Nov but it didn’t work out.  We were just starting to put letters out to businesses when tragedy happened.  Officer Casey Kohlmeier’s and his K9 partner Draco died while on duty.  The Kohlmeier family has been generous to many by donating to many different organizations.  The Dog Park was one of them.  Their donation to our park made other people donate. The biggest donation of $25,000 came from an anonymous person.  We were stunned.  The name of our park is Draco Dog Park!  We hope to have it up and running as soon as possibly.  Thank you everyone.  Keep your donations coming.  We are excited for the new year!